Day 1 – Birthday – 6 week PBE cycle

Today is my birthday!  And today is the day I start a 6 week Power Burger Eater cycle.  Will be updating with morning weigh-ins, nutrition, and fitness notes along the way so you can follow my journey.  Goal set at 170 lbs by September 15th, with a more aggressive goal of 165 lbs by September 15th.

Morning weigh-in: 177 lbs  An aggressive birthday weekend celebrating with the boys.  Lots of food, drinks and fun and the scale is showing it.

Fitness:  Foundation One workout routine through Gymnastic Bodies.  This workout routine is not for bigness or for sliming down, it’s a 20 min workout regimen done 4 days a week (M, T, Th, F).  “Deceptively simple in appearance, Foundation makes you bulletproof from every angle.”  Mix in some HiIT, weightlifting, ab exercises, and mobility work to keep my sanity in between all these bodyweight workouts

Nutrition: Cut out wheat!  Eat lots of protein (30g per meal) and stuff veggies into meals where I can.  Cut out carbs in the morning, reduced carbs at lunch, eat carbs after evening workout (fruit or sweet potatoes).  Aiming for 90% success, with occassional cheat meals and nights out at the bar.


-As you were



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